"The Corporate Talent Hunter" - Orion the Celebrated Hunter of Greek Mythology
The Orion Healthcare Recruiters Advantage:

"Our commitment is to you!"

  • Hiring Top Talent is a talent! We have extensive experience in the recruiting forum as well as a team that hired exceptional employees in their previous positions.
  • Our team is made up of healthcare professionals who have held hiring positions at an ex Director Level.
  • The team at Orion has worked for some of the top pharmaceutical, biotechnology, pharmacy chains and other healthcare companies in Canada.
  • Our data base of candidates is the best in the industry.
  • Trust – We do not recruit candidates from our existing clients.
  • We will listen to your business needs and match candidates accordingly to align them with values of your company.
  • We do our homework. We know your company values, products, pipeline etc.
  • Our billing offering will be market competitive and we will offer flexible terms depending on your needs.
  • Our placement guarantee is the best in the market place.
  • We have a passion for people. Those candidates who do not make the cut will be provided with appropriate feedback and offered career counseling.
  • We are a full service company and will ensure due diligence on candidates reference checks and any other services required by our clients.
  • We have an enthusiasm for execution and will not be out worked.
To hit mark, aim above it!