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Resume Creation


  • It is not unusual for HR Partners to have over 200 resumes to review for one posted position on their careers website.
  • Resumes are scanned by hiring professional in less than 30 seconds.
  • 90% of resumes are screened out before they get to a hiring manger.

How do you stand out?

Let us show you how!!!!

Learn how to get an employer's attention.

Our team is comprised of previous hiring Pharmaceutical Professionals who know what it takes for your talent profile (resume) to be noticed.

Your talent profile (resume) needs to create buzz with a conspicuous format and should align with the values of the organization you are seeking to join.

If you are interested in a resume design which will be reviewed by past Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Executives and by Professional writers, contact us to discuss consulting fees.

We also offer consultation on company targeting, online submissions and interviewing techniques.



Resume Template Examples Below:

Sample 1
Sample 2